Funke Akindele threatens to sue Newspaper

In a text message widely circulated yesterday, the actress hit back at rumours her marriage has packed up; asking ‘What proof do you have? And I am taking this to court because my marriage is intact. You guys are rumour mongers.’

It’s the first time the scandalised Jenifa star is speaking out, following reports she’s walked out of her marriage of one year.
Many newspapers had exercised caution, following the story of Akindele’s crashed wedding for obvious reasons: there was no concrete evidence the couple had separated, the Facebook page purportedly carrying the husband’s break up message had been deleted with no screen shots available, the couple and those close to them kept mum, and Akindele’s sister, Ayo Ola-Mohammed who now works as her publicist thrashed claims by LIB she confirmed the break up.

But some sections of the media went ahead to report authoritatively the couple had separated, even divorced.
The actress says she will sue (although she did not state which newspapers exactly), in a move many believe is to prevent further unchecked coverage of what is definitely a trying period for her, while also distracting the media and fans from an unfolding story.

Those close to the Jenifa star insist there are major issues, and reports of separation are ‘absolutely accurate‘. But the couple is not divorced.

‘Everyone close to them knows the thing is not working and Funke is very unhappy. People have been advising her. She has just been busy shooting and trying to occupy herself. They have not even lived together since, but they are not divorced, and it is not like it is officially officially over. Couples separate and come back together. Even some divorced couples still settle. So why are people talking as if this is final?’ one friend told NET last night, insisting ‘people should mind their business or pray for the couple’

Funke and her reps have not responded to enquiries and several of her friends refused to comment.

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