Important notice to Raymahni blog readers

Okay this is a notice to raymahni readers on the latest stuff coming to the blog, cos i like to keep you guys posted on stuff about to change. You've probably been seeing posts about new stuff coming to the blog before so its cool right?
So this below is a list of the just added contents that will start being posted to the blog, i'm really excited about this cos they all really great stuff. And even more interesting stuff still coming, so you might wanna tell a friend about raymahni blog today.


On celebs today: like very short biographies on your favourite celebrities, artistes, politicians, and so on. This Can not be posted everyday, but at very convenient intervals. Readers who want to read bios on their favourite celebs can also send am email to raymahni (, and i will make sure it is posted the next day.

On artistes today: Close ups on your favourite artists, interviews, gossips, break-ups, and so on.

On fashion today: Comprehensive posts on the amazing world of fashion, fashion shows, upcoming events, models, photo shoots, what's trendy, and so on. This in fact is my favourite addition, gonna take a lot of work but its gonna be worth it.

Bet you did not know this: Amazing facts you did not know about celebs, fashion icons, places, things, just any amazing "wow" fact i can find.

Album download: Full download of latest albums from your favourite artists from all genres.

Album review: Full reviews of albums of artistes from all genres.

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