"I'm stuck in the friend zone with Sarah Ofili" - Terry Tha Rapman

Females tend to find rappers attractive. Whether it’s their bad boy persona, or their hard-hitting lyrics, or maybe it’s just their ‘swag’, there’s always a certain type of girl that will find the rapper/Hip-Hop artiste attractive.

Terry tha Rapman is a rapper (he’s put ‘rapman’ in his name for anyone who doubts it), and we’re sure he has his own share of female admirers. But there was one in particular HipHopWorld has been curious about. So when they got the opportunity to, they quizzed him about it.

Sara Ofili and WFA rapper Ikechukwu’s on-and-off relationship has been well documented. Still, she has managed to get herself linked with one or two other people. 

Terry’s response to the nature of his relationship with Sara was ”Sarah Ofili, that’s my homie. Let’s just get the record straight right now, she’s a friend to my sister. They’re best friends, I’ve known her like for ever since she was a little girl, so it’s funny how when she came for my video shoot and people were like ‘Oh, your ex girlfriend’ I was like, naa, thats my homie, but they kept saying, she’s too fine to be just a friend.
 You know how guys get. A fine girl can never be a guy’s homie; but that’s what it is. I’m stuck in the friend zone, but I can kiss her. I’m that kinda guy you know, she’s my friend, no strings attached.”

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