On fashion today: Fashion Police: Golden eyesore

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On fashion today: Fashion Police: Golden eyesore:
The charge sheet:
Giovanna Battaglia is a popular freelance stylist as well as an editor for W magazine. Previously a model, she is known for her fashion sense and regarded as a style icon. However, her look at this year’s Met Ball makes us wonder what on earth was she thinking.


To be frank, her hair is the only element of this outfit that catches our attention, and in the right way. An elegant, loosely done up-do shows off her beautiful hair while the crown ensemble adds a bit of quirkiness. On any other outfit, the hairstyle would have looked amazing! But sadly, nothing could save this outfit.

She may have been going for a shimmery glow but the excess foundation results in an all-out oily look, the kind you get after sweating for ages. Her bright red lipstick however complements her skin tone and the white eye pencil and subtle eye make-up makes her look fresh despite the greasy forehead.

With a dress like this, accessories should have been kept to a bare minimum. Sadly, that was not the case here. The blood-red choker does nothing for the dress while the matching clutch only makes the outfit look tackier. The simple gold ring is acceptable while the headdress as mentioned before, only makes her harder to look at. The fishnet stockings need to be thrown back in a boat.

The outfit looks very similar to a seven-year-old’s art project! Giving the distinct look of a crystallised, tacky ornament, this dress by Dolce & Gabbana needs to be worn on its own — trapping the entire spotlight. By distracting it with any accessories or make-up can prove more fatal as opposed to wearing it on its own!

The gold heels may look very smart if worn with a simple palette dress. Wearing them with a shimmery ensemble like this, is simply overdoing the glitter!

Elizabeth Banks:

The actress was seen at the Met ball looking gorgeous in a shimmering Atelier Versace tuxedo dress. Her slick hairstyle and dangling earrings make her look both bold and beautiful!

Selena Gomez:

The singer and actress looked lovely at this year’s MTV music awards. Her light makeup, nude heels and to-the-side ponytail managed to show off her dress and make the overall effect beautiful!

Karen Elson:

This model, singer-song writer and guitarist was spotted at the same event sporting a full length gold Julien MacDonald gown. Minimum accessories and perfectly blow-dried locks made her look absolutely stunning!


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