Eva Alordiah Involved In A Car Accident While Thinking Of Her Ex

Rapper and professional make up artist, Eva Alordiah, miraculously survived a ghastly motor accident on the 9th of July, past midnight, along Okota-Cele road, Lagos.

The rapper, who explained in a detailed note how the accident happened, disclosed how she has been battling with the re-occurring imaginations of her ex.

Read excerpts of her narration below;
But here I was, driving in the dead of night, thinking about my Ex and smiling to myself as I saw his face like clouds in my head, his smile, his perfect white teeth, his curly hair, his eyes…
Then —– Screeeeeeeecccccchhhh!!! BAM! BAM!!!!
Flash of light, my voice yelling “Jesus! Oh Jesus!” The car swerving out of my control, my tiny hands holding on to the steering, the handbrake, the gear – all at the same time! BAM!!

And there I was, my life in front of me in a second. It happened so fast, I literally thought I was going to die. I felt blood rush to my head as I instinctively raced out of the car and into the street, which was filling up with people gathering to see if I was ok.
And then the talented rapper picked up her phone and called her ex (the man she was apparently thinking about before the accident) how sweet?
I was thinking about you when I crashed”, I said through sobs and a running nose. “I love you. I’m so sorry I do.. she added

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