Amanda Bynes Slams Drake On Twitter Again

Amanda Bynes’ Latest Diss To Drake: He’s Old-Looking!

“Drake Looks Like He Has That Disease Where He Ages Quickly. He Looks 80 Years Old,” Amanda tweeted. We think Amanda’s referring to the genetic disease progeria, though we’re not too surprised she didn’t know it by name. Actually nevermind — considering the former child star’s unpredictability, it wouldn’t have been that weird if she did know the term.

Either way we’re not too sure what Amanda’s talking about. Drake, who is 26 years old, is a healthy, good-looking guy to us!
But at least Amanda is changing up her Twitter diss game. Her past digs at Drake have mostly been of the “He’s ugly” variety. “I won’t deny calling @drake ugly,” she tweeted on June 6 and, “Drake is Ugly,” she posted a month later on July 3. And there’s a lot more where that comes from.

But just when you think Amanda has made up her mind about Drake, she goes and starts praising the guy! Just six days before her latest Drake diss she tweeted, “Drake Is The Most Gorgeous Man On The Face Of The Earth.”
She’s also said nice things like, “Drake Is The Man Of My Dreams” and we all remember what Amanda wanted Drake to do to her lady parts.

Source: Hollywoodlife

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