FBI Have BOSTON Bomber's Picture

Boston bomber is caught on camera: FBI reveals store footage shows 'dark-skinned man in backwards hat' planting second explosive moments before blasts tore through marathon crowd.

The FBI said there has been 'substantial progress' in the Boston bombing investigation after they analyzed surveillance footage from a nearby department store which showed a 'dark-skinned man in a backwards baseball cap' planting the second bomb.
Because of that video - and local news footage - authorities were able to get exactly what they have been looking for - an individual coming in and dropping a package in a black bag before quickly walking away again. 
It was initially believed the man had been arrested and would soon be taken to court but White House officials later denied that anyone had been take into custody or even positively identified.
CNN - who broke the arrest news - later backtracked and said it had been a misunderstanding and no arrest had been made.
However, the Associated Press stood by their reports that someone was taken into custody, even after it was widely disputed. 
According to the LA Times, two suspects have been singled out in surveillance videos of the scene. A federal official said he has been briefed that authorities believe a second video or photo showed 'two men with two backpacks'. 
(source: olekubuzz.blogspot.com)

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